Opt-out Mobile Short Code Services

Provide instant opt-out service to the recipients of group texts or newsletter using our opt-out mobile short code service.

Learn how to use SMS text opt-out service.

Stay compliant with regulations, you must provide an opt-out message with each mobile text that you send to your customers. This ensures that your contact can opt-out of your messages with ease. They simply send a text message to our mobile short code which will be forwarded to you.

There are currently large fines from ComReg for each message that is sent which does not have opt-out instructions.

What does SMS Opt-Out mean?

SMS Opt-out is a system that gives customers a process to remove their contact details from a group text, newsletter, or other informative communication tools. Businesses often stay in contact with their customers via SMS text, email, Whatsapp, or via newsletter. The business will provide a means for the customer to remove their contact details from those messages using Opt-Out mobile short code services. The customer can reply STOP to the SMS or send a specific keyword to a free text short code.

Once the business receives the messages, they can then remove the customer from the communication tool so that the customer will stop receiving such messages in the future.

Opt-out with SMS Short Code

Add the opt-out short code information to each of your texts that you send to your clients. Should a client want to opt-out of your SMS text messages, they would follow the instruction and send an SMS opt-out text to your short code. The text message along with the mobile number would be added to your account and can also be emailed or texted to you. You can then remove that mobile number from your list.

How are Mobile Short Codes used to Opt-Out?

First, contact us to create a short code keyword. Utilise free rate short codes which allow the customer to send a text free of charge. for example, text optout to 50115. In this case, ‘Optout’ would be a dedicated keyword for your company. You can use any available keyword that you wish. To offer an SMS opt-out service for text reminders then the keyword ‘MyServiceOut’ could be used.

Determine if you want to text message to be sent directly to your server, emailed to you, or text to you. All opt-out text messages will be stored in your online account where you can view at any time.

Group Text Opt-Out Service

Sending group text messages, keeps customers engaged and helps brand your company. Furthermore, the messages keeps your products and services at top-of-mind. Equally important, the consistent communication increases sales and creates loyalty.

However, there are legal requirements and GDPR rules to consider. Group messaging must have an easy opt-out service, for example, reply STOP to opt-out. If this is not available in your SMS group texting system, a free rate short code with an opt-out keyword will provide the compliance that you need. Simply add the following to the end of each message that you send to your customers; FreeText optout to 50015 to remove.

Using the Free Rate short code service, not only simplifies your opt-out service but also helps to maintain compliance. The text message can be pushed directly to your server, emailed to your company, or available to download from your online account.

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