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Mobile Short Codes!

Girl Texting Short Code

Adikat | Short Codes provides a full service Mobile Marketing SMS Short Code platform with approved short code and software to run your application (e.g. competition, eVoting, loyalty programs, email inbound text to your company, subscriptions etc...). Our Bulk Text Marketing platform will also be available to your for re-marketing purposes. The benefits of short code advertising is tremendous, it increases response rates, biulds up generation leads and creates an immediate call to action.

Short codes can be provided in both Ireland and United Kingdom.

Short Codes are shorter version of a mobile phone number, makes it easier to remember. They are widely used for informational and campaign purposes. You may have seen them used in TV, Radio and print advertising. Short codes are leased on a monthly basis. There are shared shorts codes and dedicated short codes. The only difference is that a dedicated short code will ensure that nobody else is using that code.

Short Code Options

Opt-Out Text

  • Stay compliant with ComReg
  • Easy to use
  • Attach to your Texts
  • Forward via email or text
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  • Multiple choice or True/False
  • Mobile number stored in database
  • Provide Brand Awareness
  • Optional auto-response
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Text Voting

  • Product Survey
  • Follow-up Questions
  • Instant Feedback
  • No downloads, no installation
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Education: Students can text STUDENT to 51444 to join the Student Association alert list
Clubs/Associations: text JOIN to 51444 to join the Acme Association
Finance: Text PRICE + Stock Symbol to 51444 to query a website for current stock price.
Media : Text FM107 + your song request to 51444 to hear your favourite song on the radio.
Nightlife: Text RSVP + your name and # of people in your party to 51444 to reserve a table.
Non-Profit: Text GIVE + your phone number to 51444 and a representative will contact you for your donation.
Retail: Text COUPON to 51444 for an instant coupon code for 20% off your entire purchase.
Services: Text PICKUP + your location to 51444 for the nearest Taxi driver to pick you up immediately.
Restaurant : Text DEWLEYS to 51444 for your free appetizer.