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Opt-out mobile short codes

This mobile short code functionality give recipients of your SMS messages the ability to opt-out of future messages. The recipient can simply freetext the keyword to our short code number and the details will be forwarded onto you.

Increase ROI on Advertising Efforts

Get the most out of your advertising efforts by engaging your target market. Provide a call to action with a short code, for example, text acme to 51444 for more information on our great product.

Mobile Short Code Process

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Mobile Short Code Subscription

Build up a subscription base for branding and re-marketing purposes. Offering a discount, competition, or free information entices your target market interact with you. Building a strong pipeline of qualified leads for later follow-up.

Mobile Text Competitions

Another way to engage with your audience is to provide a text competition. Texting in to win something is very popular on T.V. and Radio, For example Text your answer to the following to win our great product; which of the following rivers flow through Dublin? Liffey, Boyne, or Moy

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Mobile Voting

The text mobile voting software collects and categorises inbound text messages. Simply set the options available such as Poor, Good, Great when the text message come in, they are matched toward each option.

This software can also be used for surveys using an option scale of 0 – 10 to determine a rating.

Loyalty Marketing Programs

Finding customers is hard, keeping them is harder. Reward your customers with a loyalty program that will give them access to discounts or special offers . Create VIPs to reduce customer churn rate and retain your customers. Use our mobile short code software to build your loyalty program.

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Short Code Pricing

Short codes in Ireland are governed by Comreg, the first two-digit of the code determines the pricing level of the short code. For example, all text messages sent to a five digit short code that begins with 50 is free for the sender.