5-Digit Short Code

Engage your target Audience with a 5-Digit Mobile Short code

A 5-Digit short code is a shorter, easy to remember alternative to a mobile phone number. In Ireland, the 5-digit numbers range from 50000 to 59998; each 1,000 segments provide different categories or services and pricing. See the short code pricing and segments page for more details.

How to engage an audience with a mobile short code

Engage your target audience with a mobile short code using text competitions, auto-response with product details, or opt-in service for a newsletter service. There are many uses of mobile short codes for small business. Some of our clients use them for SMS Voting, monitoring advertising engagement, and even opt-out text services to be used with a group messaging service.

Text Competition with a 5-digit Short Code

An SMS text competition is one of the easiest and cost-effective marketing solutions. For example, advertising “text YOURCOMPANYNAME followed by A, B, or C to 51444” increases brand awareness, builds a database of perspective clients, and more importantly, engages customers with your business. Moreover, by providing something for free or with a large discount will entice competition play. Equally important, it has the added benefit of keeping your company name on the customer’s mind. Find out more about Text Competitions

SMS Auto-Response after Texting a Mobile Short Code

An auto-response utilised with a 5-digit mobile short code provide instant access to additional information about a product or service. The audience sends a text to the mobile short and receives an auto-response instantly. The auto-response can contain more information about the product or service with a link to a mobile web page for more details. Furthermore, providing instant payment options will increase sales and return on investment for your marketing efforts.

Building an Audience for a Newsletter

A loyalty program, messaging service, or newsletter is just some of the tools small businesses use to enlist customers and build loyalty. Use a 5-digit mobile short code to entice perspective customers or existing customers to enlist by texting a keyword to the 5-digit; 51444. As well as receiving the customer’s mobile number, you could also ask them to text an email address for opt-in services.

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