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SMS Short Codes – Regular Rate

Regular rate short code can be used for engaging your customers and tracking sales promotions. The costs of the text is billed to the texter based on their regular charge rate from their provider. There will be no additional costs to texters with contracts that have unlimited messages.

SMS Short Codes – Free Rate

Free Rate short code are used for building up a pipeline of new contacts. Create an easy to use call to action on your advertising efforts using a freetext short code. As it is a freetext, the texter will not be charged, This is an ideal solution for qualifying leads.

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Shared Short Code

Utilising a shared short code is the most cost effective method for inbound communications. Determine the keyword that will be used with the short code. Example; “Text Adikat to 51444” in this case ‘adikat’ is the keyword. A keyword on a Shared Short Code can be implemented within 48 hours.

Dedicated Short Code

A dedicated short code gives the ability to control all the keywords on the short code. Allow 3-4 months to complete the registration and configurations of a dedicated short code.

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