Ireland Short Code Pricing

Have you ever wondered how much it will cost to text a specific short code in Ireland.

Premium Rate Text Messaging Short Codes are those in the ranges 53XXX to 59XXX;

  • 50xxx – Free to send text messages to this number
  • 51xxx – Costs a standard rate text
  • 53000-56998 – Cannot exceed €0.80, including VAT, per text
  • 58xxx – General Adult services
  • 59XXX – General Adult services of a sexual nature
RangeCategoryPrice (€)
50000 – 50998Free Text RateFree of Charge
51000 – 51998Standard Ratenot exceeding €0.16, vat inc
52000 – 52998Reserved Standard Rate
53000 – 53998Basic Premiumnot exceeding €0.80, vat inc
54000 – 54998Reserved Premium
57000 – 57998High Premium€0.80 of above, vat inc
58000 – 58998Reserved Adult (General)Variable Price
59000 – 59998Adult (Sexual Nature)Variable Price

Short Code Set Up

If you are looking to set up a short code in Ireland or in England, we provide the following services

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