Mobile Short Code Subscription

Short codes are extremely beneficial for building a subscriber list. They create an opportunity for company branding and future sales.

Text marketing works!

Businesses that engage in text marketing found a return on their investment very quickly. This was due to a variety of reasons:

  • text marketing allows for targeting
  • text marketing drives direct sales
  • text marketing builds loyalty, relationships and trust.
  • text marketing supports sales through other channels.

How to run a text short code subscription campaign:

  1. Set up a short code keyword. e.g. sportsgear
  2. In your online account with us, create a group called ‘sportsgear’
  3. Advertise a competition, special offers or something that will entice people to text in. e.g. Text sportsgear to 51444 to receive 20% off item X.

When a customer texts in the keyword, their mobile number is entered into your contact list under the ‘sportsgear’ group. An auto-response would be sent to them with their coupon details.

Once you have finished this campaign. You could set up another group for ‘Rugby’ then advertise “Text rugby to 51444 to register to win a France vs Ireland Rugby T-Shirt”

At this point you will have two groups of subscribers to remarket to. In group one ‘sportsgear’ you know that these people are interested in purchasing sports gear. In group two ‘Rugby’, you know that these people are interested in Rugby. Would this type of targeting help you make more sales?

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