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Standard Rate Short Code

Short Codes are shorter version of a mobile phone number, makes it easier to remember. They are widely used for informational and campaign purposes. You may have seen them used in TV, Radio and print advertising.

Advantages of Short Codes

Ways to use your short code:

You can use to short code and keyword in many different ways. e.g.


Item Frequency Price
Set Up Fee One Time €185
Monthly Campaign Monthly : 1 Keyword €58.50
Additional Keywords Monthly : per Keyword €35.00
  • Monthly Fee includes all inbound texts and software
  • Minimum Plan contract period 6 months

What's Provided

  • Short Code Keyword ApprovalShort Code Graphical Report
  • Online Software to manage your Short Code
  • Online Texting Service to keep in touch with your contacts
  • Ability to redirect inbound text to an email
  • Graphical Reports

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