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Mobile Voting

Find out what you customers think before they even leave your business. Customer Feedback can be invaluable to a business. Survey your customers and find out what they think of your service or products. Plus provide a follow-up questions such as requesting comments.

There are no restrictions on answer choice, it can be numbers, letters or words. Just set up the question and any triggered questions and watch the surveys flow in. For example:

  • On a scale of 1 - 5 how would you rate xyz
  • How likely are you to recommend this shop to friends and family
    • Definitely
    • Very Likely
    • Possibly
    • Maybe
    • Probably Not
    • Very Likely
    • Definitely Not
  • How statisfied were you with our service today
    • Exceptional
    • Very Good
    • Good
    • Poor
    • Unacceptable

Every vote is recorded and matched with the survey. Mobile numbers are also captured for further re-marketing.


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Surveys are automatically tallied and full reporting is provided with the software. Graphical reports of daily reply count shows the progress of responses. The survey replies and breakdown displays the replies in bar chart and pie chart format. All responses can also be download in CSV format.

Mobile Survey ReportsEnlarge Here

Mobile Voting Examples:

  • Band - Vote for your favourite song
  • Hotels - Rate your stay
  • Restaurants - Which specials do your like the most
  • Services - How satisfied were you with our service today?
  • A bar, club, or DJ - Song Requests

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